• 30NOV, 2022

    Listen To Your Body: Become Embodied

    Pay attention, observe your body, and get out of the head—I know it is a busy place up there and that can be part of the problem! Write down your symptoms I do believe that intelligent allopathy or medical crisis management has its place, absolutely. I am not against Western Medicine, to the contrary, it

  • 30NOV, 2022

    Why Can I Not Lose Weight?

    Weight loss challenges must be seen from the perspective that the body is out of balance because the body is stressed out, ill and cannot get rid of toxins. It simply does not function well. Often various systems are clogged up with toxins from foods, medications, and the environment. Known and hidden infections in the

  • 30NOV, 2022

    Top 7 Tips: Take Care of Your Brain!

    Top 7 Tips: Take Care of Your Brain! You only have one and it must last a lifetime… Often I hear, “Rika, I don’t know why, but my memory is so bad. I cannot remember anything!”  I will be frank; there are certain times when I can totally relate. Memory deficits, lack of focus, and