Corona Virus / Covid-19?.The New Reality

Corona Virus / Covid-19?.The New Reality

These certainly are challenging times for all of us.  Who could ?ve ever guessed that 2020 would present with a paradigm shift in our ability to lead a normal life – and this on a global scale? In the media, there have been various models and charts, different scenarios and protests, real and ?fake news,? a variety of experts, plus serious daily news conferences with Governor Cuomo, and the afternoon  ?All About Me? show with a revolving cast members? and scarves too.

There are multiple discussion on a daily basis, including lack of testing kits, the relationship between Bill Gates, the WHO and Dr. Fauci, the race for vaccines, inaccurate testing methods, undercover 5G implementation, whether Wuhan lab (with a 3.7million research grant from the US) or the wet market is the source of this pandemic, global surveillance concerns, censorship on social media platforms, unemployment, short and long-term economic implications, and more?

No matter what, it has been shocking to witness the spread and number of deaths on a global scale.  Furthermore the PTSD from brave frontline emergency and medical professionals is a major concern.

As we are experiencing the social distancing, gloves and masks in the USA, it is the same in South Africa. They quickly jumped into a stringent lockdown; even liquor stores, jogging, dog walking, and any transportation of alcohol are still forbidden.  As of this week, they are now allowed to buy cigarettes and are proceeding to stage 4 from a 5-stage lockdown. And when the South African president addresses to nation, it is presidential indeed?

In The News This Past Month?

  • A pharmaceutical intervention deemed as ? anecdotal?, and later professed to be harmful. With any studies it is important to be critical?. Not everybody tolerates chloroquinone, esp. with cardiac issues, yet it is still used long-term for various vectorborne infections.  The common medications in question, e.g. Azithromycin and chlorquinone, have been used in the past thirty years in the Lyme ? literate medical community. With worldwide application, for five days only, it is important ? not throw out the baby with the bathwater??.
  • Zinc: If you are supplementing, be aware that too much zinc can make you nauseous.  Also, supplementing too much zinc for too long can affect the zinc / copper ratio in the body. It is something to be aware of and can be checked in a blood test (but not happening right now.)  This is not a concern with eating a zinc rich diet, as copper will be in these foods too.
  • Tom Hanks and Vegemite
  • Nitric oxide is helpful; a study is currently under way. Yip, it is well known in the ?erectile dysfunction world??
  • High dose Vitamin C, and another nutrient called quercitin that is also anti-inflammatory for respiratory pathways, are effective carriers to transport zinc into the cells.  Vitamin C is water soluble, so it must be replenished on a daily basis. (Currently stores are sold out of many vitamin C supplements. There are options online if you wish to supplement during this time.) Fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C include oranges, kale, sweet yellow peppers, kiwis, blackcurrant, broccoli, parsley, lemons, and strawberries.
  • Other interventions well known in the Lyme community (and alternative cancer treatments) include blue light UV therapy, IV treatment with antioxidant glutathione and vitamin C.  There are sufficient scientific studies to show efficacy of IV infusions with vitamin C and serious infections.
  • Mario Cuomo ? and his wife? and his temper?.
  • Glutathione has shown anecdotal promise by doctors using it presently in Covid-19 treatment. Glutathione IV or in a liposomal form ? it, too, is sold out?it is also used in the Lyme and mold- sickness community.
  • In therapeutic treatment for chronic infections there is practitioner-guided use of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). YouTube videos and books about it have been censored and yanked from Amazon over a year ago? 
  • Use of estrogen pills in men
  • Blood thinning, including nebulized heparin, protease enzymes, and an amino acid called NAC.
  • Use of acid blocking medications in a NYC hospital as part of treatment (new)
  • With viral infections, vitamin D is essential, we hear enough about supplementing and the need for vitamin D. Vitamin A is also anti-viral.  For a therapeutic effect, higher doing of vitamin D and A is helpful, especially coupled with vitamin K. Dosages can go up to 5000iu and much higher under professional care. As both vitamins are fat- soluble, they accumulate in the body. This is why long-term high-dose therapeutic dosing is contraindicated, esp. with vitamin A.

Closing Words

In-between discussions of how testing is done, or not, how deaths are counted in Europe, or not, lockdowns in various countries, or protesters against it?. It has been a whirlwind of information on a daily, even hourly basis.  At the same time, Nature now has time to breathe and detox from human-created pollution on planet earth.

Rika Keck

NY Integrated Health

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