Does Rika work with Lyme clients only?

No, she works with a diverse group of clients who wish would find out why they are still having health problems despite of having sought conventional medical care. She also assists with clients who do not wish to take medications (that suppress symptoms) without addressing the root cause.

Can Rika help clients who are struggling to recover after Covid-19?

Yes. There are personalized and drug-free approaches to improve immune resiliency, restore organ health, modulate inflammation and overactive immune responses, and increase energy for daily activities.

Does Rika offer a prevention strategy re viral pandemic infections?

Rika can be part of your short and long-term, preventative wellness plan to protect you (and your loved ones) from severe viral infections.

How does Rika work?

When working with clients, Rika addresses the whole person. After an initial (complimentary) introductory call, she will present a proposal with different treatment options. The emphasis is on a personalized approach; each program is tailored to her client’s specific needs.
Consultations are available via Zoom, or phone only.

What are the consultation options?

1. Option #1 Pay-as-you-go:

Clients who wish to engage in a wellness program with acute health challenges can choose a pay-as-you-go option. The fee for the initial consultation is billed at $250.00. This includes:

  • a) A 90-minute consultation
  • b) A detailed written synopsis post – consultation.
  • c) Short and long-term strategy addressing acute health concerns, and deeper layers of support

d) Before meeting, Rika requests any recent blood labs that will be evaluated for nutritional challenges. In addition, Rika will require certain questionnaires that will provide additional information.
The time for preparation, and written post-synopsis, is incorporated in the above fee.

2. Health Coaching Program

Clients with complex and chronic conditions require a minimum commitment of 3-months when choosing to work with Rika. This includes chronic Lyme, autoimmune, chronic digestive troubles, infertility, and neurodegenerative illnesses.

A functional approach is based on addressing root causes that causes symptoms, it takes time and different layers are investigated and addressed.

Initially, consultations and check-ins are more frequent until the client can continue in a maintenance health program. Email coaching is imperative to assist in program implementation and to guide the client through any challenges along the way. The following are part of a customized program:

  •  Personalized nutrition
  •  Lifestyle modifications
  •  Evaluation of prior lab tests
  •  Gut health challenges, incl. leaky gut and food intolerance’s
  • If antibiotics are in play, assisting with collateral damage from medications
  • Evaluation of toxic exposures that contribute to health challenges
  • Genetic testing
  • Troubleshooting with die-off reactions
  • Hormonal balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Biochemical imbalances
  • And deeper metabolic investigation into detoxification challenges
  • Essential email coaching

Chronic infections associated with ongoing inflammation require a multi-pronged approach that is not considered in conventional medicine. There is no quick fix. Rika’s extensive training and experience pave healing opportunities in a therapeutic relationship that requires commitment from the client to facilitate change for the better.

Part of her work occurs “behind the scenes” as she connects with labs, evaluates lab test results prior to the consultation, writes reports for the client, research, and prepares personalized strategies along the way. On the front side, she engages with scheduled consultations and email to guide and fine-tune the process and progress.

With chronic Lyme, mold sickness, MCAS, Covid-19 infections, it is especially important to go slow to prevent a herx situation. If a client is on prolonged antibiotic treatment for vector-borne infections, she can address collateral support from medications that can induce secondary troubles.

Rika is also open to working in conjunction with Lyme-treating physicians or medical doctors, as she believes in team to maximize the benefit for her client. She will require your consent to communicate with your physician.

Clients with complex health challenges find that signing up for an extended program gives them the best results, and they benefit greatly with knowledgeable email coaching along a challenging path.

This can include the need for additional lab testing, including:

  •  Organic Acid urine testing (home)
  •  Genetic saliva testing (home)
  •  Stool testing (home)
  •  SIBO testing
  •  Lyme and co-infection testing (home)
  •  Metabolic Typing Test (online)
  •  DUTCH hormone test (home)
  •  Blood tests to assess challenges (not pathologies) physician
  •  And other tests as needed
    (Lab fees are not included in the program fee.)

Does Rika take health insurance?

This functional nutrition and health practice is not involved in any insurance plans.

Payment is requested 48hrs before the consultation.
All credit cards are accepted at

Is Rika available for public speaking engagements?

Yes. In-person, and virtual presentations are possible.
For more information she can be contacted directly at 646 285 8588 or