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Coming up: June 24,2023 Lyme Disease Prevention Talk at 2pm. Where? Woodbury Public Library in Litchfield, CT

Rika has been studying Lyme disease and co-infections since 2007. The first conference she attended was with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in NYC, and she still follows his teachings today. For many years, she has participated in conferences with, e.g., Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Anne Corson, Julie McIntyre (Stephen Harrod Buhner), Dr. Neil Nathan, and attended multiple conferences with leading doctors in the vector-borne infection arena.


She is proud to be an ongoing member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), and a founding member of the Global Lyme Alliance. It is in the latter capacity that she reaches out to the local CT community with “Lyme Disease Prevention” health talks. She also has access to specialized Lyme and co-infection testing laboratories in the US and Europe.

Rika was personally affected by tick-borne infections after her husband had two separate tick attachments. Both times resulted in Lyme disease with long term use of antibiotics. The second tick attachment also included Babesia divergens, a co-infection. During and after short term antibiotics, Rika integrated an herbal protocol with homeopathic interventions for nine months post-infection.

In her health coaching practice, Rika’s expertise in vector-borne infections and drug-free treatment modalities are highly valued by her clients. Many have been on antibiotic treatment in the past, but still were exhibiting ongoing symptoms. Rika is clear before embarking on a holistic coaching program, that building-health is a long-term process. Clients value her expertise and her availability when they commit to a coaching program. Having a knowledgeable and trusted guide, who understands what is happening, helps to calm fears and anxiety.

“It matters at what stage the correct diagnosis was made, and what emotional traumas, surgeries or stressful events occurred near the time – it is not just about the tick bite and Lyme disease. After consulting with many clients, she felt the need to write her book: “Nourish, Thrive, Heal: A comprehensive and holistic guide to living with Lyme disease.” This is a health-building blueprint that will support any Lyme disease treatment program (available on AMAZON).

As a health professional that has been active in the Lyme disease community for many years, Rika is able to collaborate with LLMD’s (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctors).

A Brief Overview Of How Rika Partners With Her Clients:

  • Foundational health, detoxification modalities, recent blood labs, and ongoing toxic exposures (and new tick bites), are considered.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle interventions are discussed.
  • Short and long-term strategies are considered, plus what interventions are deemed a priority.
  • Functional testing to assess baselines in GI health, detoxification pathways, and sex hormones is helpful, as various biological systems in the body get disrupted. (There are financial considerations, the lab fees are additional.)
  • Botanical and homeopathic interventions are implemented as part of a mind-body health-building program. These are titrated in slowly to ensure tolerance, esp. in sensitive individuals.
  • Available detoxification and structural interventions are discussed.
  • Toxic mold exposures are considered, as these greatly impact the body’s ability to overcome vector-borne infections.
  • Viral infections and biofilm are considered within the landscape of bacterial and parasitic infections.
  • Genetic testing is helpful.

Amedeo Teseo, NY

“I went from being the ideal health (2% body fat, 6-mile runs, stamina) to a complete physical breakdown after contracting Lyme disease. Even nerve damage. I went to countless doctors who made me feel it was all in my head – they made me even question my own physical reality.
I started working with Rika two years ago. I cannot express how relieved I was to have someone confirm I am not alone with what I was experiencing. And she backed it up with research and studies. Her knowledge seems limitless.
Listening is a skill and one that Rika excels in.  She has been instrumental in regaining my health and sanity. For this I will be forever grateful.”

Rika will assist clients in:

  • Making optional food choices to lower the inflammatory burden
  • Recommending specific home testing from reputable companies
  • Investigating if mold sickness is part of their Lyme & Bartonella / Babesia journey (symptoms can be similar) with specialized urine testing
  • Addressing of MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci). The sinus area, besides the gut, is vulnerable to colonization
  • Considering EMF exposures that worsen mycotoxin-induced symptoms
  • Organic Acid Testing to assess for colonization of mold in the gut
  • Brain detoxification option. Mold has affinity for the nervous and endocrine system


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