When Living With Chronic Lyme Disease…. and co-infections…and viral infections

An excerpt from Rika’s book:

“Nourish, Thrive, Heal: A comprehensive and holistic guide to living with Lyme disease.”?

“Become mindful of the foods you choose to eat: They can help heal you. When you hold a bunch of celery or kale in your hand, is it not a marvel, this gift nature gives us? When making broth from bones, is it not a gift that the animal king- dom gives us? Maintaining a sense of gratitude in adversity is helpful during tough times; it reconnects us to healing and hope.

Nourishment from loving relationships will increase your resilience in the face of the tough reality that you deal with every day that not many understand. I will be frank; living with Lyme, coinfections, and mold illness can be a tough, lonely, expensive, and overwhelming road. Navigating daily life with a lack of stamina can be a difficult process (especially if you are living alone).

By connecting with Mother Nature and your inner spiritual being, you can open up channels of hope and healing that will support your immune system, lift your mood, and reduce your hormonal stress. Taking care of yourself also includes appropriate daily movement. Do what you can, go slow, and take appro- priate rest afterward. Movement supports flow of your lymphatic and digestive systems and energizes the mind and body.

We have to nourish as a whole from a mind-body perspective. This takes mindfulness, careful planning, and patience; it is a slow process, and it takes practice. Lowering your stress with daily biofeedback techniques, deep breathing exercises, or meditation will greatly assist you in getting back into a life that is not defined by Lyme-related infections, chronic fatigue, and hopelessness.

MAY is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

It is very important to be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with supportive family, friends, and colleagues who understand your daily challenges without judgments. Emotional nourishment also includes surrounding yourself with positive individuals who make you laugh out loud or lift your spirits, especially when you are having tough days. You cannot do it alone. This can be in your immediate community or in a virtual community, wherever you receive com- passion, understanding, and kindness. Take time to reflect on joyful moments or relationships in your life. This will increase your coping skills during difficult days when you are filled with doubt that you will get better or you are frustrated with joint pain or your daily life. There will be tough days; you know that. Do not hesitate to reach out to someone you trust when you need to share your pain, frustration, or despair.

Embrace other healing arts that are supportive on an emotional and spiritual level. When we wish to heal, it is not only about our physical body. Our emo- tional body and mind must be part of this complex journey. Past traumatic expe- riences must be addressed because they play an important role in our ability to become well. Family constellations, shamanic healing, hypnosis, energy healing, homeopathy, and meditation are helpful at this level.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a chronic Lyme patient, reset your thinking. Become proactive in the self-care areas of your life where you do have control.

Taking care of your digestive tract and adrenal glands will go a long way; your efforts will be worth it because you will have more energy than before. Give your body a break by decreasing toxic environmental exposures as best as you can. Should you learn just one tip in this book that makes your experience change for the better, then writing it was worth it for me. Becoming well is neither a race nor is it linear. In everyone?s life, there are always curveballs along the way.

Experiencing small changes for the better on a daily basis are the rainbows we seek, and these provide the motivation to show up every day, on good days and bad days. Take a step back and observe yourself with kindness and love, not judgment and frustration. You are doing your best; take comfort in that.

Lower your stress. get out into nature and breathe fresh air.

I invite you to read about the landscape of chronic Lyme in the next chapter. Having a good understanding of the labyrinth of Lyme will make it easier to chart your unique healing strategy. The more you know and the more tools you acquire in your toolbox to handle your own sickness, the more you increase your body?s ability to tolerate treatment and to live with the infections?and that is empowering”

?We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.?


Check out this?terrific book on Amazon.com. Discover healing opportunities that can assist you in your journey towards wellness, it is not just about treating infections or looking at genetic. The holistic path is unique to your individual needs, yet by addressing major fundamental principles in our lives, we can become empowered and renew our vitality. It is never one thing that made us sick, and thus it will not be one thing that makes us better. We are a whole person, and as a whole person we must seek personalized avenues that facilitate our healing path.

Be well, Rika