LYME DISEASE: Rather best be called “Lyme Wars”…

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As a Lyme disease advocate it can make my blood boil when I see how many people (who are infected with vector-borne infections) fall through the cracks of medical treatment – especially in regards to the treatment guidelines of the Infectious Disease medical community.

Lack of treatment, too little treatment, too late treatment, dependence on flawed and outdated blood testing, lack of clinical and critical thinking can result in long-term illness for many who are infected. Over 300 000 individuals ?are diagnosed every year – how many fall through the cracks or are misdiagnosed?

Flawed IDSA Treatment Guidelines (supported by the CDC):

There is no scientific evidence to support the popular IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) perspective that a short-term course of antibiotics will eliminate tick-borne infections. This notion is highly flawed as:

  1. Fewer than 50% of individuals ever see a tick on their body.
  2. Fewer than 50% ever develop a rash post-bite.
  3. Co-infections matter, yet the gold-standard Western Blot test does not check for them.
  4. A suppressed immune response can result in a negative blood test (that depends on antibodies to infectious agents.)
  5. No science supports that the infections are cleared after short-term antibiotic treatment.
  6. Babesia / Bartonella / Mycoplasma / EBV / Herpes / mold toxicity, and more infectious agents are often not considered yet these can manifest in ongoing symptoms post-Lyme treatment.
  7. Take a look at the following post:?
  8. Without appropriate treatment, you might end up with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ….sound familiar?
  9. 40% of people manifest symptoms later on in life post-treatment.
  10. No science supports that one dose of antibiotics given as prophylaxis prevents Lyme disease. This thinking is based on a single flawed study where there was no follow-up or checking for co-infections.

For correct information, please check out ILADS.ORG. That is the best resource regarding acute and chronic vectorborne infections.

You are welcome to connect with me at [email protected] to discuss your unique situation, whether you in active treatment, or not.

If you have ongoing symptoms, you do want a holistic and integrative perspective as ongoing inflammation can keep you sick. As can low-grade infections that can flare or re-activate when you are highly stressed.

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